Structured feedback and actionable plans for personal development

Continuous soft skills improvement with feedback from your colleagues and powerful personal development plans for your company, team, or yourself.

Get regular feedback. Act. Master your soft skills. All you have to do is to start

Effortless 360-degree feedback surveys and easy-to-read reports.

360-Degree feedback

Keep your team on track with flexible performance reviews.

Performance reviews

Achieve your goals with personal development plans and smart recommendations.

Development plans
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Build a culture based on continuous feedback between teammates

Soft skills are super powers. Develop your leadership skills, grow new leaders, improve communication within the team, increase efficiency and determine the developing paths. We try to make skill development easy and accessible to everyone.


of employees disengage from their work when they receive little or no feedback


of employees who receive feedback feel that the feedback is valuable


of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career


of all the Fortune 500 companies use 360 degree feedback for their leadership development process

A perfect fit for everyone

With more than 100,000 survey forms filled, Wystra is trusted by companies, coaches, and individuals. We will help you achieve your goals.

For individuals

Boost your soft skills with 360-degree feedback! Wystra will get you to your goals. Try it for free!

  • — Tools to request feedback from your colleagues
  • — Ready-to-use survey templates
  • — Insights and clear reports
  • — Intuitive interface
  • — Your soft skills profile
  • — Development plans with smart recommendations

For managers

Find out the strengths and blind spots of your team. Use it for yourself or for the whole team. It takes minutes to start gathering feedback!

  • — 360-degree feedback to develop soft skills
  • — Performance reviews
  • — Soft skills progress analytics over time
  • — Development plans with smart recommendations
  • — Individual & team analytics

For HR leaders

Organize peer feedback surveys that employees love. Focus on results and development, not administration.

  • — Customizable 360-degree feedback process
  • — The strengths and skills gaps analysis for your company
  • — User-friendly interface
  • — Integration with other services
  • — Free support and training

For consultants

Enrich your consulting with 360-degree feedback and development plans. Separate space for each of your clients.

  • — Flexible settings to support any 360-degree feedback process
  • — Intuitive and automated service
  • — Help of our experts
  • — Account branding
  • — Detailed reports and raw data import
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A lightweight solution for 360-degree feedback

  • Set up reviews in minutes

    Launch your survey today or plan it for another day. An automated process, easy-to-use interface, and our questions base make Wystra a user friendly experience.

  • For every Individual, Team, and Business

    Discover strengths, blind spots and skills to improve with insights for yourself and your team.

  • Analytics: now and tomorrow

    Get full analytics and reports automatically, share the results, track employee skills and development in the long term.

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Easy to set up 360-degree reviews

Make data-driven employee decisions with Performance reviews

  • Ready to use for every team and organization

    Set up any questions and customize the review process by your goals.

  • Employee-first approach

    Add peer feedback to your performance review process to make it more valuable.

  • Detailed dashboard

    Identify people ready for promotion, stars, burned out employees, and analyze trends by using performance review feedback loops.

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Performance reviews with Wystra

Achieve your goals faster with personal development plans

  • Smart recommendations

    Create your goals and tasks or use constantly updated recommendations by Wystra. Or even more, add recommendations for your company!

  • Keep on track

    Keep your development plans on track with our automated reminders and get updates on the progress of your colleagues.

  • Integration with 360-degree feedback

    Use personal development plans with 360-degree feedback reviews to maximize soft skills development.

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Individual development plans

More to love about Wystra

Discover how Wystra can help you build a feedback culture.

Easy to use and manage

Wystra is suitable for all users. Don't waste time on administration, focus on the insights and development!

Customization & Flexibility

Everyone is different, and we understand that. Wystra is designed to meet your specific requirements. We will help you to set up the account based on your needs.

Insightful reports for beginners and pros

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in 360-degree feedback and performance reviews, our reports and recommendations are easy to work with and will give you direction and insights.

Free training & Support

We would be happy to help you organize your reviews with Wystra. Our experts are ready to support you!

Simple and elastic pricing options

There are plenty of pricing options to choose from: pay for a single 360-degree feedback survey or choose a yearly plan.

Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy seriously at Wystra. We don't share customer data with anyone, whatsoever. Wystra is GDPR-compliant, servers are located in Europe.

Wystra — service for developing soft skills and mastering leadership skills with continuous feedback from peers and personal development plans.

We are a small independent company with passion for web technology and people. We strive to make leadership development accessible to everyone, and we believe that the key to success is in the hands of the people.

Therefore, we have been developing our service with care for individual contributors, teams, and coaches. No matter where you’re starting, Wystra is intuitive and fit for everyone. Our goal is to guide and help people to achieve the goals faster, so that they can focus on their personal development.

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