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Enrich your consulting process with 360-degree feedback

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360-degree feedback service for consultants and coaches

Add 360-degree feedback to your regular consulting tool stack. With Wystra you can set up a unique space for each of your clients with one super account.

Wystra is a platform, not just a 360-degree survey tool - develop soft skills of your clients by conducting recurrent 360-degree feedback reviews, measuring progress, creating and tracking individual development plans.

Flexibility & Simplicity

Wystra is a straightforward service you can start using out of the box. However, Wystra's flexible settings will help you to customize your process.

Ongoing feedback and personal goals

Conduct regular 360-degree feedback reviews for your clients, analyze their progress, and create actionable personal development plans for them.

Our help and support

We will help you to set up your account and organize your first reviews right!

> 100,000 completed 360-degree review forms

Wystra is used by both individuals and consultants as well as business organizations. Give it a try too!


User-friendly 360-degree feedback process

Fast organization of reviews with total control and flexible settings: use our review templates and questionnaire or create your unique ones!
Review forms are available for reviewers without registration and can be filled in several times.
A detailed and understandable report, sufficient for consultants and straightforward to participants, it's ready right after the survey is completed! Results are available in Web and PDF formats and can be shared with others.
Sample 360 feedback results PDF
Enrich your consulting process with 360-degree feedback

360-degree reviews within minutes

Focus on what is the most important - your clients, not on service administration. Our team will help you to set up an account so you can easily use it! Manage multiple companies with just one account - for each company you can create its own space.
Wystra has everything you need out of the box: skills and questions database, email and 360-degree feedback survey templates. Use them as you see fit or customize your account by your needs.
Everything works for you! Send reminders whenever you need: to everyone at once or to an individual reviewee/reviewer in one click!
Simple survey management. Forgot something? Extend the review, edit email invitations, and a list of participants even after the review is launched.
Enrich your consulting process with 360-degree feedback

Looking for something extra?

In case you need advanced settings for your planned 360-degree campaign, we are here to help - there are multiple additional settings and features available for your account.

Choose a rating scale that is convenient for you: 4-5-7 or 10 points.
Customize questions by participant profiles, create open questions only for a specific group of reviewers to get more insights!
Configure rules for text comments for ranking questions.
Enrich your consulting process with 360-degree feedback

Set up a 360-degree feedback review with Wystra today!

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  • Up to 5 individual 360-degree feedback assessments for FREE
  • Separate space for each of your clients
  • Save your time on setting the review up and data processing, focus on results!
  • Free Personal Development Plan feature
  • Your clients feedback results in one place