Performance review feedback tool

Unlock employee potential with regular performance reviews.

Conduct performance  reviews with Wystra

Reasons to hold regular performance reviews:

  • boost your company performance
  • increase employee engagement level
  • identify people ready for promotion
  • improve workplace relationships
  • identify training needs for your employees
Performance review feedback tool

Automated customized  performance reviews

Focus on results. You don't need to set up every step of your performance review cycle and coordinate the process with managers. Wystra support team will help you to customize a performance review process according to your requirements.

  • Performance review in several stages: self-evaluation by the participant, feedback from colleagues, the final summary by the manager
  • 360-degree performance feedback
  • Setting up a scale of rated questions and weighting system
  • Customization of individual and summary reports
  • Adapting communication messages for participants
Performance review feedback tool

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