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360-degree reviews made easy

Wystra provides easy to set up 360-degree reviews to help you foster employee development and improve communication.

360-degree reviews within minutes

Managers and HR teams can create 360-degree reviews for groups and individuals at any level.

  • Choose from preset questions or create your own
  • It's easy to select multiple employees for feedback
  • Three options to choose reviewers: automatic, by organizer, or by reviewees
Sample 360-degree feedback report
360-degree reviews made easy

Reviews are  easy to fill out

Our intuitive interface lets employees complete surveys within minutes.

  • Automated email notifications
  • Mobile-friendly surveys
  • No login required
360-degree reviews made easy

Review reports,  simplified

Easy to understand 360-degree review reports with progress analytics.

  • Reports for employees, supervisors and HR teams
  • All 360-degree review results in one place
  • Analytics to identify potential areas for improvement
360-degree reviews made easy

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